12 Foods You Should Never Give To Your Dog


Surely a treat from your plate is harmless to your dog, right? The answer to that is based on what’s in your food. Actually, the majority of food people eat should never be given to a dog. A majority of food eaten by humans can be fatal for man’s best friend.

qq2There are several food types that should never be fed to a dog under any circumstances. While some breeds are more tolerant of certain foods, this list of restricted foods is applicable to all dogs:

1Raisins and Grapes

Avoid feeding raisins and grapes to dogs as a treat. A toxin found in grapes may result in kidney failure and severe liver damage. Even a little bit can cause illness for a dog. Consistent regurgitation is an early symptom. Within 24 hours, your pet will become depressed and lethargic. Prevent your dog from consuming raisins and grapes by keeping them off tables, counters, and other easily accessible places.

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