10 Things To Do To Fight Off Doggie Boredom


We all know what happens when our dogs get bored, don’t we? They try to entertain themselves! Quite often they find ways to eleviate boredom in ways that we find destructive or certainly annoying.

Face it, dogs were bred for work in the past. Our pets now generally don’t have jobs, and so they go looking for something to do. They aren’t having to search out food, or look for shelter, or even come along with us when we go to work.

So, they look for a way to keep busy.

If you would like to be able to suggest to your pooch appropriate activities, rather than their creative ideas, take a look at some of the ideas below.

1Play Interactive Games

Dogs are made to be physically and mentally active, no matter their age or breed type. Different breeds like different things, but there are a lot of similarities that all dogs share. They like to do things with you. Whether you are giving them simple games to do, such as fetch, or taking a walk with you, the interaction alone will help to use up their energy and reduce boredom.
Tug of war – When you play tug of war with your dog, you are not just wearing him out physically, but you are also getting him thinking, likely thinking about how to get that doggone tug toy away from you! You can make a tug toy out of just about anything, and old t-shirt, a rope, fleece tied with some knots. This game won’t build aggressiveness in your dog, just let him play in a way that he understands.

Games with the Nose – Your dog spends a great deal of his time using his nose, and it gives him a huge amount of information about the world. You can use this tendency to your advantage and entertain and challenge your dog. You can hide treats in various places and let your dog search thiem out. Lots of people find it very effective to start teaching their dog to search by placing one treat inside a hand, and then offering both closed hands to your dog and seeing if he can guess which hand the treat is in. Just use what you have, toys or treats or whatever. You will see your dog really engaging his mind and his senses.

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