7 Things To Make Your Dog Love You More

Tips For Enhancing Your Relationship With Your Dog


You know that having a dog has really added to your life and brought another dimension of richness. After all, you spend time with this critter, training and caring for it, which inevitably builds a relationship that gives you insight into selfless caring, opportunities to practice patience, times to learn the benefit of consistency in your interactions, and overall the steadfast loyalty your dog brings to the relationship. Some people tout dog ownership as an excellent practice ground prior to having children and becoming a parent. The give and take of the caring relationship with your dog is something you can cultivate.

Here are some ideas for building your relationship with your canine companion:

1Give your dog a job to do

Today, we don’t often think of our dogs as creatures that need to work. However, many breeds were bred specifically to work alongside their masters, whether they be hunting, caring for livestock or doing other things. These dogs in particular thrive on being needed and given challenges and responsibilities. Dogs are well able to assist you, and now more and more are helping people with disabilities with basic household chores such as opening a door, bringing a can or cup from the refrigerator, picking up items that might be come hazards on the floor. Your basic family dog can help to keep bunnies out of your garden, alert you to visitors, or even get the newspaper from the front steps.

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