Long Handled Bulb Planter Tool -Save your Back and Time


Plant your tulips, tomato, potato, herb plant and vegetable seedlings without bending over. Dig Hole, Fill up the Hole, Break the Mulching Film, Plant the Seedling the Same Time, Just Poke, Squeeze and Pull, You can finish the whole procedures without bending over. Your knees and back will thank you!!

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If you’re a gardening enthusiast, then you know the importance of getting the proper depth when planting. Plant shoots, depending which kind, require specific planting methods to ensure that they get a proper amount of light and avoid tipping over as they grow taller. Using a bulb planting tool will make your work easier and faster. These garden tools are designed to plunge your plant shoots in holes with exactly measured depths.

iLOT Long Handled Bulb Planter Tools and Vegetable Seedling Transplanter

Bulb planting tools are pretty easy to use. Some may require more manual pressure, but the gist is that you use the tool to ‘cut’ a measured hole in the soil where you want to plant your shoots. And after you’ve placed your plant in the hole, you plunge the soil you took with your tool to cover the patch of soil. Going about planting this way, will make your work significantly easier and faster than if you chose to manually dig the holes.

Read on to know which type of bulb planting tool would best fit your needs.

Short-handled: As the name implies, what differentiates this tool from others of its kind is its relatively shorter handle. The tool itself only measure around 10 to inches in length and make holes of two and a half inches to three and a half inches in diameter.

Long-handled: If you have back problems or just don’t want to stoop over when planting shoots, then long-handled bulb planting tools might be your best choice.

Spring-loaded: This type requires a little more manual labor than the others because of its spring-loaded mechanism which lifts dirt completely when making holes.

Drill powered: This is your bet choice if you want to shorten your planting time. Drill powered bulb planting tools are similar to regular hand planters but with a drill attachment which can then be powered by a drill.

Best Bulb Planting Tool Reviews

ProPlugger 5-In-1 Lawn Tool and Garden Tool

The ProPlugger 5-in1 Lawn Tool and Garden Tool is a multi-purpose gardening tool which can be primarily used as a long-handled bulb planter.

Elderly people and those who suffer from arthritis will find this great addition to their gardening tools as it enables you to dig holes and plant without having to bend over and hurting your back.

Using this bulb planting tool, you can dig holes of two inches, four inches or six inches in depth and 2 1/8 inches in diameter. This tool is marketed as a bulb planting tool for garden vegetables, flowers, turf grass and of course, bulbs. It can also function as a lawn plugger, weeding tool, and sod plugger.

People who’ve bought and used this ProPlugger bulb planting tool attest to its time-cutting convenience when planting tens of bulbs in their gardens with ease and consistency. They also found the tool excellent as a weeding tool and recommend others to try it. Read more on Amazon.

iLOT Long Handled Bulb Planter Tools and Vegetable Seedling Transplanter

Here we have another long-handled bulb planting tool. This time it’s one from iLOT.

This tool is specifically marketed for those who plan on cultivating vegetable bulbs, seedlings and shoots.

A little more expensive than the previous tool we reviewed, the iLOT Long-handled Bulb Planter Tool is made primarily from stainless steel. It also has a built-in plastic funnel which serves as protection for the bulbs and seedlings you’re planting. It measures around 35.5 inches in length and allows you to plunge and plant from a standing position.

Although this tool made planting easier for those who’ve bought and used it, it wasn’t able to save them that much time. They also recommend that others use to it only on freshly tilled soil as plunging this iLOT bulb planting tool is quite taxing on the arms. Still, they liked the tool for its durability and handiness. Buy it on Amazon.

Power Planter Extended Length Bulb & Bedding Plant Auger

Power Planter is known for their efficient, durable and cost-effective gardening tools. They prove this reputation with the Power Planter Extended Length Bulb and Bedding Plant Auger.

The tool is designed as a planting tool for people with back problems hence its extended height of 24 inches. It also makes planting easier and less taxing as it is drill-powered. It can be used together with any 3/8” drill.

The tool works particularly well in very hard and dry soil. However, don’t refrain from using the tools to work through rocks as it might break the tool’s shaft and auger. People who have bought and used this drill-powered bulb planting tool found the too to be very well-made and durable, not to mention, affordable as well as it retails for just less than $50.

Garden Weasel Bulb Planter

The Garden Weasel Bulb Planter is a great choice for those of you who are looking for an affordable yet durable bulb planting tool.

For just around $30, you get a durable tool with double welded construction and extra long length of 40 inches. The tool also features an extra-wide foot plate which helps avoid slipping when using the tool. This garden Weasel tool works great with various types of soil as it has a T-bar grip and a pointed blade which allows it to penetrate through most soil consistencies. What more, this bulb planting tool is also very easy to use.


The Bond 9509 Plymouth Garden Bulb Planter is an affordable planter perfect for transplanting plants. It comes with a wooden handle.


This Esschert dibber and bulb planting tool is all you need if you’re looking for a planting tool that’ll create consistent holes.


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