8 Things You Should Never Do to Your Dog


If you have a canine companion, you love and care for your pet. You are very dedicated to your dog’s well-being. However, sometimes we all do things that we don’t realize might be a problem for our pet. Here are eight things you cannot do, things that are not in the best interest of your dog’s health and welfare.

1Have your dog live completely outdoors

Dogs love to be outside. The fresh air, the space to run, all the lovely smells really enrich their lives. However, there can be too much of a good thing. First of all, your dog needs supervision so he does not get himself in a dangerous situation simply through his own curiosity. His natural love of the outdoors will keep him entertained for a while, but without your company he can get bored, which is not good for any dog. He loves to play with you and be near you, so being kept only outside and away from you will make him unhappy. Of course, he needs to be able to tolerate the weather conditions as well, and this varies from breed to breed with dogs.

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