10 People Food Cats Love – and Can Safely Eat!


Your cat’s diet should be based around an excellent cat food, but it is possible to give your cat treats from your own diet. There are foods that are nutritional for your cat that you likely snack on yourself!


The omega-3s in fish are wonderful for your cat, as they are for you. These will be of benefit to your cat’s eyes, to reduce arthritis, reduce the risk of heart issues, and reduce the risk of kidney disease. While you may like sushi, it is not recommended for your cat, though cooked or canned fish is just fine.


Your kitty is primarily a carnivore, but some greens are very good for your cat. Steamed broccoli is a green that your cat will like, and will help to keep it away from your houseplants. When your cat may have tummy troubles, vegetables may help to set things right. In the wild, cats and dogs will eat grass to help to clear upset tummies. Some people choose to consider converting their cat to vegetarian eating, it would be recommened that you talk with your veterinarian in order to make sure your cat is getting his nutritional needs met.


Some cats are very interested in cheese, and if your cat is, the best choices are hard cheeses such as Swiss, Gouda, or cheddar. The calcium and protein in these are good for your cat. On the other hand, that protein is not quite as good as the protein you would find in meats, fish and eggs. Most cats are lactose intolerant, so cheese may not be a good option for your cat.


Cooked eggs are good for your cat, and raw should be avoided as they can carry some diseases that can make your cat ill. Eggs do provide Vitamin B, and protein that are good for your cat.


Cats are carnivores. They need to eat a diet of almost entirely meats as they have an inability to digest things that are fibrous. Dogs tend to be able to eat more of a variety than cats can. Cats also tend to dislike variations in routine, so they won’t be as interested in changes in diet as dogs may be. Chicken is a primary ingredient in most cats foods from the stores. You can cook your cat a wonderful meal of chicken, but do not give your cat the skin of the chicken and avoid fat as much as you can.

Whole Grains

Cats like things they can nibble on, so prefer grains that are small, like millet and couscous. Cook any grains that you want to give your cat, which will make them easier for your cat’s tummy to process. Your cat will get a great deal of protein from whole grains, and you can easily prepare these for your kitty. Choose from corn, polenta, brown rice, wheat berries and barley. Any grains that seem too large can be mashed to improve the ability of your cat to eat them.

Fish Oil

Fish oils are good for your cat in a number of different ways, but overall will give your cat more Omega 3s, will improve overall coat health, and will help with dry skin. People have been giving fish oil to dogs for years, but your cat will benefit as well.


Your cat will seek out some greens, so if your cat seems to be on the hunt, try offering some spinach. Some cats will find that it helps to settle their stomach or ease stomach illnesses. On the other hand, some cats have a tendency to build up crystals in the urinary tract, and spinach will give off more calcium oxalates that will increase this, so should be avoided.


Avoid the skin of the apple, but without the skin, an apple will give your cat Vitamin C and fiber. You won’t want to put any types of seasonings on the apples, as those may not be healthy for your cat.


Cats will eat bananas, and they make them a bit crazy and more active. Your cat will need very little as their main diet is carnivorous. Some cats prefer frozen bananas.



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