10 Beautiful Ways Your Cat Say “I Love You”


Cats can be so aloof, and very enigmatic. There may be times where you wonder if your cat loves you or just tolerates you. The good news is that your cat may well be telling you he loves you in a language you just aren’t aware of. You may not know how many times he has expressed affection for you.

Here are some signs that your cat is telling you he cares:

Looking you in the eye and blinking slowly

When your cat makes eye contact with you, and then lazily blinks, you have just been given a kiss in your cat’s language. You will notice that your cat doesn’t do this with new people, only with people he is familiar and comfortable with.

Gives You Head-Butts

Your cat will make forehead to forehead contact with you, bumping his head against yours. This can also be against another of your body parts, it doesn’t have to be exclusively bumping your head. To a cat, this is the best signal of love, reserved only for the most special of people. Endorphins are released when a cat does this, both in you and the cat, which will make you both feel good.

Grooming you

Think about this, the first act of love a mother cat expresses to its babies is to lick it and wash it clean. Your cat sees that as a very clear expression of love. You will notice if you have a pair of cats from the same litter, or even cats that are very close with each other, they will lick and groom each other. When your cat licks you, you are being lovingly groomed, so consider it a great sign of love.

Twitching the tip of his tail

You are familiar with the communication your cat sends with his tail. A puffy tail means your cat is upset or afraid, and a certain twitching pattern while the cat is crouched low to the ground is sign that he is hunting and about to pounce. But when he comes walking up to you, tail high, tip twitching slowly, he is telling you that you are valuable to him and it is a friendly greeting.

Gives you “presents”

Your cat was a hunter, earlier before he became more domesticated. It is ingrained in him and continues to be part of his makeup. So, as an expression of caring and regard, you may find that your cat leaves you “presents” that you may or may not appreciate. To him, when he brings you a dead mouse, or part of a bird, he is providing for you and showing you he cares. In his language, it is wonderful. Perhaps not so much in yours. Thank him kindly and then dispose of it. Ugh.

Purring Power

This is another instinct that is carried over from your kitty’s earliest memories. He heard his mother purring to help him calm when he was an infant, while he was nursing, and he continues to carry it over as a memory of deepest content. This sound is a unique sound that he makes while breathing, resulting in that deep vibrating rumble you are familiar with. He is telling you how he loves you.

More strange cat noises

Your cat has actually quite the repertoire of sounds that express his feelings. He meows quite regularly, and if he sees something that really upsets him, he will hiss. If he is expressing his attention and love to you, you may hear another sound, a higher pitched trilling sound, sometimes sounding almost like a chirping sound. Try to imitate it back to him and see how he reacts!

Flashing you his tummy

Your cat will often be so happy when you are petting him that he will roll onto his back and encourage you to rub his tummy. For most animals, including cats, their tummies are their most vulnerable body parts, and they don’t expose them unless they feel completely safe and comfortable. If he wasn’t feeling safe with you, he would not do that. He is showing his utmost vulnerability to you.

Kneading you

Have you noticed that when you cat is enjoying a good snuggle and pet with you, that at times he will use his paws to knead you? This is another behavior carried over from infancy, when they would knead while they nursed from their mothers. This assisted the mother cat with let-down of her milk and so has carried forward as a huge sign of affection and pure happiness. You will see them do this when they are relaxed and very happy with you.

Love bites

Have you ever had your cat give a little bite to your fingers, or at your face? It happens quite a lot with some cats, though we don’t appreciate it as it can hurt! As it turns out, this is a common behavior of affection between cats. The difference is that they have fur and a bit tougher skin than we do, so what doesn’t hurt them may get a different reaction from us. Your best option if your cat tends to do this is to work to keep tender body parts away if it seems like a nip is coming.


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