10 Amazing Gifts For Dogs & Dog Lovers


Presents are not just for people! Dog owners love to lavish their furry companions with extra love and toys. People buy presents for their human children, and so your canine companions surely will enjoy gifts. Your sweet, loyal, attention loving pooch will be thrilled and excited to try out some fun new items such as these.

1DNA Test to Discover Your Dog’s Breed

We can now take DNA tests to determine all of our ancestry origins for humans, but also for our canine companions as well. We love our dogs for all the unique characteristics that make them, well, them. But how interesting would it be to know what makeup was in our dog’s background? Well, now you can. What a fun gift for your favorite dog lover as well! You will have something new to bond with your dog and doggy friends with! Available at Amazon

2Dog harness with LED lights

Dog-e-Glow harnesses are wonderful for being able to see your dog as he enjoys scampering around in the cold December nights in the yard, or when you go for a walk after dark. Your dog will be easy to see, both to you and others, for their safety and for your enjoyment.
These harnesses are made from high-quality polyester that is sewn around the LED light bulbs. Highly efficient and custom designed, they are light, tough against wear, and can tolerate all sorts of weather. Plus, they are visible up to 1,000 feet away when you are playing outside in the dark. Your dog will be well fitted as the belly strap is able to be adjusted, and the collar opening that is also able to be adjusted for your dog’s comfort. You can buy the dog LED harness on Amazon here!

3Remote Control Treat Dispenser for Training

When you are training your dog, you want to give immediate rewards for positive training results. Imagine a high tech way addition to training your dog. Clicker training has been used for a long time, and the click lets the dog know that he is doing a great job. With the remote control dispenser, you are able to give your dog not only a beep, but also a treat immediately, by remote, even when you cannot see your dog. It has a reach of up to 100 feet and can go through walls even! You can also set it up to give treats automatically on a schedule, seconds or minutes, which will help a lot with training for grooming or crate training. You can buy the dog PetSafe Remote Reward Dog Trainer on Amazon here!

4Doggy Blueprints, Unique to Your Dog

These blueprints are custom designed to help you recall all your dog’s body parts, in a non-technical manner. His image will be on this blueprint, framed and ready to go. It is 13”x19” unframed and 18”x24” framed, and will let you enjoy the beauty of a pure breed. You will see not only the characteristics, but information about temperament, breed origins and unique “design specs” on the blueprint as well. You can choose from 30 breeds to find the one that best fits your interests. Available at Amazon.

5GoPro Fetch Harness

This is a harness that can fit your pooch, whether 15 pounds or 120 pounds. It is easily adjusted for comfort and good fit. It has extra padding to keep it comfortable and simple for your dog. This camer will allow you to see how your dog actually sees the world. You can place it on the chest or the back so you can get different views. You will be able to watch as your dog plays, whether digging holes, fetch, chewing on toys, running, and enjoying life, from the views from the back or the chest, so you can see many views. FitBark Dog Activity Monitor on Amazon here!

6Puppies for Your Feet!

Dani’s Choice pet socks are a great fun resource for your pet lover, dogs as well as cats! They can be found on Amazon here. Imagine taking a peek at your feet and seeing something really cute looking up at you. There are multiple designs so you can expand your creativity and fun! Available at Amazon.

7Pro the Chuckit!

Playing fetch is a favorite for dogs and owners alike. With this toy you don’t have to handle the drool covered slimy ball to throw it for your hound. It is specifically designed for a good grip and will help you throw the ball significantly farther, three times farther, for your dog to chase off to get. This is a great way to help your active dog burn a lot of energy! Available at Amazon.

8Peanut Butter Cake for Your Dog

Wouldn’t a birthday cake for your dog be fun? Well, there are healthy cakes there for your canine companion. Make a cake or cupcakes with Puppy Cake Mix for you hound. Would you believe that these cakes even come with the supplies for frosting? Go ahead and make your dog their very own cake that they will love! Available at Amazon.

9Monitor Your Dog’s Activity

We have seen the devices that we use to keep track of our activity levels, but what about our pet? Turns out there is now a device that will help you keep track of your canine companion’s activity as well. A monitor that keeps track of your pooch’s busyness will let you see how your dog spends his day, with or without you. You can see if they were playing, sleeping, or walking, or even to help you find pooch when he gets lost.

The FitBark goes on a monitor on the collar that will help register your dog’s activities and how they spend their time. You also will have an app, one that is simple to use, and will help you set goals for your pooch and yourself to increase activity and health. You can buy the FitBark Dog Activity Monitor on Amazon here!

10KONG Squeakair Tennis Ball

This ball creates a crazy kind of fetch game for your dog. The tennis ball is attached to a rope, which allows your dog to not only get his ball, but to then play tug of war with you, and also keeping your hand far away from the grasp of your dog. A unique way to enjoy playtime with your pooch! Buy on Amazon


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