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Every home needs to have a brew kettle as needed for boiling wort. The kettle, which you ought to buy, should be made of a quality material, such as stainless steel. The brew kettle is one of the most used pots in the US and the UK for boiling any sort of wort. It is not only made up of good material, but it also has varying sizes which make it easier to boil anything by filling it up with the proper amounts of water and having enough space which lets the air out. To buy the best brewing kettle, we have put together a buying guide and different kettles reviews.

Top 7 Brewing Kettles For Sale

Bayou Classic 800-410, 10-gal Stainless Steel 6 pc. Brew Kettle Set

This kettle is comprises of 6 pieces altogether. It has been designed to be used for all sorts of grains. The brewer is made up of stainless steel and comes with a tri-ply bottom, which helps to heat evenly and refrains from scorching. The lid of the kettle is tight and keeps the steam inside. A buckle head fitting is there which helps the attachment of thermometer easily. One of the greatest features is that it has a side calibration from which you can measure in gallons and quarts, as well as read from inside of the kettle. The diameter is narrow and side walls are high which reduces the chance of over boiling.

CONCORD Home Brew Kettle Stock Pot (Stainless Steel)

This brew kettle has been made up of a stainless-steel material and has been polished for a good clean finish. The pot comes with some accessories. All the accessories are made up of high quality 304 stainless steel. You can also change the lid of the brewing kettle at the side of the kettle to easily remove and replace as needed. Concord stockpot is fully welded and isn’t made with removable parts for easy cleaning. The bottom hole of the brew kettle is 1.5 inches from the bottom, and the center top hole is 5.5 inches from the bottom. The price of this item is quite nominal and easily affordable.

HomeBrewStuff 32 QT Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle

The brew kettle by HomeBrewStuff has a capacity of 8 gallons it is a compact stainless-steel kettle as compared to the other ones. The handles and lids are made up of steel as well which have a higher rate of heat resistance. Even though the capacity of the kettle is 8 gallons, it works best if used at a maximum of 6.5 gallons. It has a polish finished look, which looks nice and makes the material long lasting. HomeBrewStuff is one of the kettles that are mostly used by beginners, as it does not have any specs, which are hard to understand. The price is reasonable and you can purchase it if you are just a beginner.

8 Gal Beer Brewing Kettle w/ welded Valve & Thermometer

An 8 gallon 304 style kettle has been designed which is quite good for boiling a 5-gallon batch at once. The material of this kettle is thick as compared to the other kettles and will heat up normally and boil your wort just in time. The kettle has two handles which make it easier to carry from the stove to a shelf or vice-versa. The bottom of the pot is made up of the triple layer so it won’t wear off soon enough. There is also a 4mm aluminum plate which is between the two 1mm stainless ones this helps in evenly dividing the heat. Kettle also includes a thermometer and an SS valve which keeps the lid and handles cool

Chapman 10 Gallon ThermoBarrel Stainless Steel Mash Tun

The Chapman kettle is one of the kettles that has the highest capacity among all others. It is fully insulated and is made up of stainless-steel mash tun, which helps boil wort in less time. There is also a recirculation top, which recirculates the steam and makes it boil quickly. A thermometer port is also available. Two compatible ports of ½” NPT and 3/8” NPT are also a part of this brewing kettle. The kettle comes along with a domed false bottom which evenly heats the whole pot. It is a little pricey, but it comes along with some of the best features as compared to other items.

Gas One Stainless Steel Brew Kettle Pot

This brewing kettle is made up of high-quality stainless steel, which is very easy to clean up after use. The steel is long lasting and safe to use. The heat conduction is quite good, and its polished surface gives a sleek look. There is no rusting or staining on the pot as well due to its unique finishing. It is heavier and thicker as compared to the other products available. The product will last for a longer time. Also, it has a lid which helps in keeping the heat stay inside the pot and ensures even heating levels while the wort is being cooked. You can cook many sorts of dishes inside this kettle.

Buying guide:

What is brewing kettle?

A brewing kettle is a pot which has valves attached to it, one of these is a thermometer used to control the temperature. The brewing kettle is mainly used to boil several types of foods. For boiling there is always a need for a big pot with more capacity. Brewing kettles come along with a large capacity which lets your food boil away easily. Their lids keep the heat evenly and make sure to cook your food in a shorter span as compared to boiling it in a normal pot.

How does it work?

It works just like any other normal pot would. You don’t have to work hard to make anything out of it. Just put it on the stove and light the flame. The next step is to make sure you have the right amount of water you need for whatever you are boiling. One of the most important things is the volume, which it carries as you will have to add in a little less water than whatever its capacity is. Later, it will boil the food and you are done with the job.

What to look for when buying?

There are various things that you should look for while buying a brewing kettle. The size of the kettle matters the most depends on the purpose for which you are going to use it. The material is important too as it determines its durability. The lid, handles, and their properties may not seem serious, but it does matter too.

Should the size matter the most?

Yes, the size of the brewing kettle should matter most of all. The kettle is used to boil wort or any other of your dishes. It is not necessary to boil large amounts at all times. Sometimes you are in need of boiling just a little something requiring fewer gallons of water. At other times, you may need to boil something, which requires a lot of water. Therefore, never make a purchase of a pot, which is either too small or too big. Always buy a brewing kettle which can keep up to 6-7 gallons. These are the ones that are most typical and people can make use of them in either way.

Can the wort be cooked without keeping the lid on?

It for sure can be, but you need to see that putting a lid on will keep the heat inside and will help in heating evenly inside the kettle. The main purpose of the kettle is to boil whatever we have inside it. Therefore, keeping a lid on is not only a good option for even heating, but it also makes your job easier and faster. The dish will be ready in half the time if the lid is kept on rather than off.

What is the use of thermometer port?

The thermometer port is used to see what temperature the boiling water has reached. To boil in the brewing kettle, it is essential to note the temperature. All the things can never be boiled or cooked at a single temperature. So, for that very purpose, there is a temperature port which helps in keeping track of the temperature.

Which kettle would let the heat flow evenly?

There are different sorts of kettles available. For finding the best one around you really need to look at the thickness. If the thickness of its body is way too thin, that will for sure easily boil the water, but it won’t keep warm for long and will wear down quickly. On the other hand, if the thickness of pot’s body is very thick then it will be hard to boil the water at the very start. However, the base should be sturdy enough. If the base is layered, that is even better as it will help keep the heat even.

How easy is it cleaned up?

All stainless-steel pots are easily cleaned if they have a properly polished finish. If the surface is rough, it will always be hard to clean it up. So, make sure you buy the kettle which comes with a proper surface.

Does it have volume markings on it?

It is not always possible to measure the water and then pour it into the pot. To avoid all the hassle, there are volume markings inside the pot. You can easily see those marking and know how much water should be added. A max marking is labeled too at times which lets you know that no more water should be added in order to safely cook at normal temperatures.

Are the handles sturdy enough?

Handles are one of the most important things that a kettle could have. After all, that is the only place which is used the most. The handles are used when filling the pot and for lifting the pot before and after cooking. Make sure you see the amount of weight those handles will be able to support. There are some handles, which are made up of materials that don’t warm up a lot as compared to the whole pot. Some handles even have supports on which you can rest the lid when not in use.


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