What Does The Cat Say? The Cat Language Bible by Jonas Jurgella

Could this guide really be the key to understanding your cat through true-to-word language?


Do you have a cat in your home? Do you feel like he or she is a nearly complete mystery to you?

I have two cats that seem to be complete opposites, who really mystify me at times as they completely change their behavior. We talk about them “getting their crazy on” as they take off and race around the house, jumping at everything. Their pupils get very large, their body language is completely different. What is happening? Well, take a look at this!

If you have a feline in your life, this book is one that you really might want to take a good look at. The Cat Language Bible presents not only the components of cat language that you likely are not aware of, but provides photos, lessons and extensive information that will help you identify what might be going on in your cat’s head. It works to show you how your cat thinks, has feelings and even might be a bit manipulative of his owners, all through their own language system.

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Review Summary: This book not only helps you understand what your cat might be trying to communicate to you, but also how his body language may be telling you things as well. The marketing information on this book tells us that you will be able to completely decipher your cat’s messages, messages you may have been completely unaware of before in life. Perhaps your cat has been telling you the great American novel and you never understood it! Just kidding. But, he may have been telling you about his likes and dislikes, his emotions, and some about his health. All of which you surely would like to know as you have a special relationship with him.

Body Language – As you learn to understand what your cat is attempting to tell you, it is helpful to not only read about it, but to see it, in order to get the full information. This book delivers that quite well with multiple photos of each cat behavior, which really helps the reader to get a good feeling for the communication being expressed. Text along with photos shows the cats in various emotional states and communication situations.

Reflexes – Your cat reacts based on instinct and reflexes, and physically reacts the same way people do, but in their own cat-way. Their way can be subtle, just as people’s reactions can be, so they are easy to miss if you aren’t sure of what to look for. With photos as well as descriptions, this is presented very well in The Cat Language BibleTM . What does a twitching tail tell you? Does it mean different things when it is swit
ching slowly or more rapidly? What about flattened ears? What causes your cat to hiss?

Verbal Communication – As a cat owner, you are familiar with the sounds that your cat makes. It meows, purrs, hisses, and even yowls to tell you what it thinks. You know very clearly what these distinct sounds mean. These are the “main” cat verbalizations. However, your cat also will have its own variations that give you more information on how your cat is feeling and reacting. The Cat Language BibleTM clearly explains the differences to watch for, what they may mean and how to decipher your cat’s particular communication. Each cat is unique and has its own levels of emotional variations. This book helps you assess and interact with your particular animal. The pitch, tone, and volume all tell you something different about how your cat may be feeling, and even how it may be behaving and perhaps even why.

Your cat’s communication is more in depth and diverse than you may have been aware of, and The Cat Language Bible will help you in your relationship and understanding with your feline friend. Imagine if you could better know what your cat’s emotions mean and can help him feel better, or even understand when he is ready to play! Your cat may feel more secure and you may be less confused with your kitty’s behavior.

So, now when my gorgeous grey housecat is walking around, making his “commentaries” on things, apparently randomly, I have a resource to better understand what he might be telling me about his thoughts and feelings. What a change in our relationship this is as we understand each other and I can better respond to what he is really telling me in his natural communication.

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