Wild Lettuce: The Powerful Natural Painkiller that Grows in Your Backyard


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An example of this is the wild lettuce often called opium lettuce which is very medicinal thanks to its excellent painkilling qualities.

Got Pain? Look for this Solution in the Backyard

In today’s life, it seems that pain is a major epidemic. Even the strongest person faces significant pain at some time or another. The opiate usage and overusage is so prevalent that it is becoming a huge dependency problem with many people. The unfortunate fact is that the opiates simply cover the pain, rather than dealing with the problem, and users end up relying on the use to simply get through life.

The medical community has had to respond to the opiate addiction epidemic by limiting the availability and viewing all opiate users as addicts or “seekers” rather than people in legitimate pain. This has led to suffering people seeking out relief illegally. The addiction crisis has resulted in the need for specialty pain clinics, and then rehabilitation centers to help people who started out with a pain issue.

A Natural Choice for Pain Relief

If you are in North America or England, look outside in your yard. You may see a tall plant, with spiky leaves and small yellow flowers. Many people work hard to eradicate this plant without ever knowing that it, Lactuca Virosa, otherwise known as wild lettuce, may be the answer to pain issues without the risk of opiate addiction. It is a bitter relative to the lettuce you find in the grocery store, and some people refer to it as opium lettuce because of its pain relieving and sedating properties. It is the white sap, called lactucarium, in the leaves and stems of the plant that produce the effects.

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The lactucarium does not have opiates, and the effect on the body, on the central nervous system (CNS) itself, gives the pain relief with an effect like morphine.

You may think that this information is a secret, but it is just forgotten history as it has been used to relieve pain throughout history.

Use Through Time

Records indicate that wild lettuce was used widely in the 1800’s as an opium alternative by many people. In the recent past, this plant regained popularity in use as people were looking for a more natural pain relief source and even recreational use.

Wild lettuce can be prepared and used several different ways. A challenge is the fact that it is quite bitter, so its most effective form is also the most bitter. This form is created by simmering the plant in sugar and water to make a syrup. The sugar helps to relieve some of the bitterness, but it is still quite potent. Most people find it simplest to make a tea by drying the plant itself.

The plant can be used by drying and using it for tea, smoking it, and some people even vaporize it. The use has become popular enough again that you can likely find it for sale, whether in herb form, extract or even simply the resin.

More Uses

Not only does wild lettuce help with basic pain, but people who try this natural pain relief source have found that it can help in other, longer-lasting ways.

Migraine sufferers report that they are not having migraines as often as they used to when they are using wild lettuce for relief.

Sleeping aids have become needed by many people but are also known to be addictive and have side effects. The use of wild lettuce is reported to be relaxing, to bring about an elated feeling, which all helps someone to get to sleep faster without the negatives of other alternatives.

The euphoric effects also tend to be a bit sedating, which anxiety sufferers report gives them relief as well. Many people who have anxiety are reporting that wild lettuce has helped them immensely without negative effects.

People who deal with chronic cough and asthma report that it has the same effect as antitussives, reducing coughs. Those who use opiates for asthma have reported that as they reduce prescription opiate use they have more asthma episodes in the withdrawal process. The use of wild lettuce avoids this sequence of events.

Wild lettuce is a legal and non-opiate solution that gives a feeling of euphoria that many people appreciate from the use of opiates, but without all the negative effects of the opiates!

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