Do-It-Yourself PVC Chicken Self Feeder


Take a look at these plans and see if you think this would work for your chickens. You love your chickens, you love to care for them, but if they could have a system that would feed them with less hands on work from you that would allow more time for other tasks. With this feeder, you also will find that you have less loss of feed along with the ease of automatic feeding.

So, take some time to gather up the PVC and other materials you will need from the list below. With these plans you can also make a similar watering system that gives them ready access and less hands on work for you.

PVC Chicken Feeder via

Here is the tutorial that will walk you through the process step by ste in making this PVC chicken feeder on your own. Thankfully, there are many photos to refer to, and extensive detail in the instructions, so you can walk through it with confidence.

We also found a great video that show making 3 different feeders. Check out our page for more details.


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