Flow Hive – Gathering honey as easy as flipping a switch?


photo source:www.honeyflow.com
photo source:www.honeyflow.com

Stuart and Cedar Anderson have created a beehive that won’t scare away most want-to-be beekeepers. The duo, a father and son from Australia, have designed the Flow Hive, which allows honey to be harvested directly without bothering the bees. Usually, a beehive must be opened up, and the bees home completely disturbed. The design for this revolutionary hive uses a unique honeycomb frame that makes harvesting simpler for bees and beekeepers.

The designers are multigenerational beekeepers, Cedar being the youngest and having been working with bees since he was a young child. Father and son joined forces to design the Flow Hive, and it has been in process for more than ten years, used in testing for three, and crowdfunded on Indiegogo to begin production of their innovative design. The crowdfunding raised great awareness and interest in their product worldwide. The pair met their fundraising goal in 8 minutes and in total raised over $12 million US dollars.

To use the Flow Hive you simply place a jar under the spout, turn the handle, allow the jar to fill, and turn it off. The bees will then be able to get back to work and make more honey in the frame. You don’t have to open the frame at all. Simpler than traditional beekeeping practice!


The Flow Hive designers are hoping with more dissemination of their product they will get more information and feedback from a great deal of locales and climates. You can learn about the Flow Hive and watch videos on it at www.honeyflow.com.

source :beekeepingworks


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