Hail Protector – In Light of Recent Storms, This Texas Man’s Invention is a Godsend

The Hail Protector cover inflates in five minutes to surround a car or truck. Mike Siciliano claims that once inflated, the cover can protect cars from hail stones as large as 2lbs.

A North Texas businessman’s creation is selling like crazy, especially after the recent storms in the state. Mike Siciliano’s  “Hail Protector,” can block hail of any size to protect automobiles.

The Hail Protector’s official website claims that the product can ensure just about everything. After the hail the Northern Texas area withstood, the owner told NBCDFW that his business is prospering.

“We can’t keep product in stock,” Siciliano explained. “Business has been popping for us like crazy.”

The Hail Protector is applied over the automobile. Once the car is covered, it begins to inflate, a process that lasts approximately five minutes. This is most ideal, as you have time to prepare your vehicle if you see a storm coming your way. By the time the harsh weather hits your car, it’ll be defended. In fact, the Hail Protector will cushion the impact of the hailstones, which will bounce off the cover.

Once the storm passes, the cover can be compacted to fit in a boot.

After not finding a product like this to protect his own vehicle, Siciliano developed his own about seven years ago.

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The business’ website features a video demonstrating what the Hail Protector can withstand. In short, the product is virtually indestructible. The video shows a lacrosse ball striking the Hail Protector at 80-mph, a watermelon hitting the cover from a 30-feet drop, a five-pound medicine ball thrown at it from 71-feet high, and a 17-ounce hardened ball of Play-Doh with two-inch spikes tossed at it. None of the objects even made a tick on the automobile cover. Even 80-mph winds were not enough to disturb the vehicle.

The Hail Protector comes in six different sizes – three for vans, SUVs and trucks, and three for sedans, wagons and hatchbacks and you can order it from Amazon. Prices range from $350 to $450, depending on the size you choose.


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