6 Ways Your Cat Is Trying To Communicate With You

What Your Cat's Body Language Says


You love your cat, but he also seems to be a mystery. Cats are well known to be aloof, independent, and an enigma to most of us. Haven’t you heard of someone describe a person as “cat-like” in their behavior? Meaning that they handle life in an independent and aloof way. Maybe we really just don’t recognize how our cats are interacting with us and what it means to them. Your cat gives messages in ways that we don’t typically, as humans, recognize. They use not just their voices, but smells and body language to get their messages across. If we could just learn to speak, or at least listen to, their communication we might understand them better and see them as less mysterious.

It is possible to learn their language enough to improve your interaction and relationship with your cat!

2Ear movements

Watching where your cat’s ears go tells you a lot about his feelings as well. Flattened ears, close to his head let you know your cat is upset, feels in danger or doesn’t want to be bothered. If his ears are moving fast, turning to all areas, you know he is excited and really listening for what is going on around him. Your cat can move his ears in so many ways, unlike us, and it allows him to really focus in on sound. Sometimes, you can see where he is likely to head next by where his ears are pointed.

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