8 Things You Should Never Do to Your Dog


If you have a canine companion, you love and care for your pet. You are very dedicated to your dog’s well-being. However, sometimes we all do things that we don’t realize might be a problem for our pet. Here are eight things you cannot do, things that are not in the best interest of your dog’s health and welfare.

2Having your dog wait in the car for you

While your dog may love to take car rides with you, there are some concerns with having your dog stay in the car without you while you run errands or perform tasks. First of all, as you are well aware, cars easily heat up to stifling conditions in a very short time, which can be potentially deadly for your dog. Certainly he can become overheated which will make him quite ill. In the winter, the car will rapidly cool to conditions that are uncomfortable for him as well. And of late, there have been many thefts of dogs from cars when they are without their owners. Please, don’t assume your dog can safely wait in your car for you at any time.

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