12 Foods You Should Never Give To Your Dog


Surely a treat from your plate is harmless to your dog, right? The answer to that is based on what’s in your food. Actually, the majority of food people eat should never be given to a dog. A majority of food eaten by humans can be fatal for man’s best friend.

qq2There are several food types that should never be fed to a dog under any circumstances. While some breeds are more tolerant of certain foods, this list of restricted foods is applicable to all dogs:

2Garlic and Onions

Garlic and onions come in many forms – raw, powdered, dehydrated or cooked. They can damage the red blood cells of a dog, causing anemia. This can happen even if they taste baby food containing onion powder. A sporadic taste should be harmless, but a large amount ingested on a regular basis will poison the animal. Anemia symptoms include vomiting, weakness, lack of appetite, breathlessness and dullness.

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