10 Human Foods That Are Safe for Your Dog


We love our dogs. Our dogs love to share with us. Table scraps tend to be a food of choice for most dogs, but often are not healthy for them. Here are some food that won’t contribute to obesity or make your dog sick. Any addition to your dog’s typical diet should be no more than ¼ of its total intake of calories. You can give your dog’s nutrition some additions while enhancing variety, but not placing it at risk.


This fish is well known for the Omega-3 fatty acids it contains and is commonly used as a supplement in humans to provide this. Salmon or salmon oil can both be used, so the fish itself or the capsule form can augment the diet. If you choose to use the fish, be sure it is cooked to protect your pet from the possibility of parasites that this fish can bring. The benefits include enhancing skin and coat, boosting the immune system, and even may reduce the effects of allergies!

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