Keeping Critters From Getting To Your Strawberry Harvest Before You Do


You aren’t the only one anxiously watching your strawberry patch for signs of those lovely ripening berries. And there is nothing more disappointing than to be looking forward to the sweet lucious treat only to find that birds and rabbits have been there first and enjoyed a feast!

Most gardeners have tried a variety of techiques to protect their growing crop, with mixed or temporary results. Plastic snakes, and fake owls will often make your strawberry predators wary, but those little theives are smart and will soon realize that the snakes and owls are not real when they don’t move. You might have some success with moving them around your selfevery day or so, but even that success tends to be limited.

Some people find that placing things in the garden that get moved around by the wind are more helpful, but they also tend to have some limitations in effectiveness. You could hang up CDs, old pie plates or shiny plastic to be blown about by the wind, but soon the little strawberry hunters will also realize that these are not a true threat.

Well, the creatures may have met their match in this system that was created for making the most of growing strawberries and protecting that wonderful crop. It covers an area of 12 feet by 3 ΒΌ feet, has lids and handles, and will effectively keep those strawberry loving critters out with the attached hardware cloth.

You can see the photos to show you how it works at


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