Patio Dwarf Fruit Trees For Tight Garden Spaces


Growing dwarf fruit trees in containers makes them easier to prune and harvest. Younger trees bear fruit faster. You can find dwarf varieties of almost any common fruit tree, but citrus trees are the most commonly grown.

Dwarf Fruit Trees For Tight Garden Spaces

Containers for growing dwarf fruit trees may include those made from plastic, metal, clay, ceramic, or wood, as long as there is adequate drainage provided. A general rule of thumb, however, is to start with a container approximately six inches wider than that from which the tree is initially placed in at the nursery. The miniature fruit tree enjoys well-drained sandy soil of moderate fertility, which is suitable for most dwarf fruit trees.

Care of Dwarf Fruit Trees

Care of fruit trees begins with suitable light conditions. Most miniature fruit trees grow best in full sunlight, but some may also do well in partial shade, depending on the type of dwarf fruit tree. Generally, container grown fruit trees should be placed where they will receive maximum sunlight.

Regular pruning is sometimes necessary for proper care of fruit trees to maintain the shape of your miniature fruit tree. Most pruning is performed during dormancy, just before active growth begins in spring. However, summer pruning may be done to remove undesirable growth and maintain smaller tree size. Your potted miniature fruit tree should be moved indoors during cold spells and placed away from drafts.

They should also be watered only as needed, depending the species of fruit tree, the type and size of its container, and its surroundings. For most dwarf fruit trees, the soil surface should be allowed to dry out some before watering. Fertilizing, however, should be done more often, at least once every four to six weeks during the growing season. When growing dwarf fruit trees, you should repot them one size up about every two years.

Dwarf Apple Tree

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Dwarf apples tree is a sort of resilient and tough tree type that can bare freezing temperature of 45 degrees or less. Such trees grow in assorted conditions at small spaces and can take around three years for this. Apples thrive best in drier soil and a drier climate could make it even precious. Proper care is a compulsion in order to get quality fruit so if there is a drenched climate than apple trees want a constant drainage. Small fruit trees can estimate a less production of apples like an apple tree of about 3-4 foot may give 45 apples in variety. Read more…

Dwarf Cherry Tree

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“Cheery Sylvia”, image credits

Cherry trees can grow in the pots and produce quality fruit if care is done properly. These trees are unable to give fruit if 2 years old branches are not there; however it is also important to note that all the varieties cannot thrive in pots. Such trees need below 45 degrees F and preferable to be grown in sandy loam mixture of soil. Dwarf sweet cherry trees than the large ones can give about 10-15 quarts each year. Well-drained soil with sunlight could be the considerable sources for the fruit production.

Dwarf Orange Tree


Planting fruit tree like this comes in the citrus category like lemons, mandarins. It can preferably be grown in wide pots rather than deep pots as it has a shallow root system; a dwarf orange tree is a potted fruit tree to harvest; preferring indoor planting conditions. However, sun rooms make it healthy for the tree. Preferable temperature is 65-45 degrees F at day and 50-55 degrees F at night.  The pots allowing free drainage with about 6-9 inches diameter is suitable for these trees.

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