Create Your Own Energy With a Biogas Generator!


Turn lawn shavings, food compost and animal manure into sustainable energy using a homemade biogas generator.

You can produce your own natural gas using organic materials normally considered to be household waste. This “biogas” can be used to cook food, light rooms, and heat water. Additionally, it can fuel an absorption cooling system or an engine (such as a chiller or gas refrigerator), replacing the need for fossil-based natural gases.

1Build Yourn Own Biogas Plant


This Maitreya Ecovillage (located in Eugene, Oregon) biogas digester turns 15 pounds of kitchen scraps and garden clippings into a day’s worth of cooking fuel for the community’s kitchen. (photo credit:

What is Biogas

Biogas is a combination of flammable gases (mainly methane) and carbon dioxide. It is obtained wherever organic elements break down without the presence of oxygen  through a process called anaerobic digestion.
Inside a homemade biogas digester, bacteria that can live in an atmosphere without oxygen dissolves organic components into carbon dioxide, methane and sludge. It begins with acid-producing bacteria decomposing the raw waste into primary fatty acids. A next, methane-producing bacterium absorbs the acids, which in turns produces biogas.


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