The Couple Upcycle Old Windows and Pallets to Create a Beautiful and Unique Greenhouse


Need some inspiration for a budget friendly way to build a greenhouse to compliment your green thumb? Take a look at this! Source some old windows, doors and pallets and get creative!

If you do a little research in your community, you will likely be able to locate a source for windows and doors that are simply being discarded. If you see a home that is being remodeled, likely the windows are being replaced as well, and the contractors or homeowners will be happy to send you off with the old ones, saving them the time of getting them to the dump. This is the largest cost of your greenhouse, all the glass, so this way you can minimize your cost for this portion of your building. And you will be recycling and repurposing, which is an excellent ecological plan.

Pallets are also used in this project, to make the panel walls that the windows will sit atop. When you set up your panel walls you will use wooden stakes to secure them. These stakes can also be made from pallet wood, reducing cost again. This particular project used six wooden posts for a good support, and 16 pallets, and 24 windows to complete the greenhouse.

The couple who built this gorgeous greenhouse report that it helps them to grow their vegetables as if they had a longer growing season, to keep some plants overwinter that otherwise would be killed off in the harsher winter.

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They also use it for a warm building for their chickens and quail as it makes a warm haven in a cold climate.

The couple has their own blog where you can learn more: The Green Lever. Here you can learn about other projects they have found to do with repurposed windows and doors. For added inspiration, here is a video giving more details on their lovely greenhouse.




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