A Simple Trick to Revive Your Dead Lead Acid Battery [VIDEO]


Rather than buy a new lead acid battery, you can renew the one from your car or your solar battery bank (or other alternative energy power system) back to almost-new condition, saving yourself a lot of money in the process.


Car batteries can be costly. Depending on the model, make and battery quality, the price for a new car battery can range from $100 to $300. That said, people are always shocked to learn that there is another, more economical option. Instead of purchasing a new battery, it is fairly simple to recondition or refurbish the one you already have.

Unlike other batteries, most car batteries can be accessed from the inside. Even if the battery is a decade old, with just a couple of steps, it is feasible to restore life to them. In fact, the battery life can be extended for at least another five years, if not more.

This is also very beneficial for do-it-yourselfers who prefer to assemble their own solar panels. One of the most important aspects of this process involves the battery bank. They need to keep this in mind in order to contain the level of electricity generated by the panels, so that they can get off the grid.
You should consider the DIY way for your battery bank, as buying several new batteries is expensive. In fact, you’ll require approximately 30 batteries to go off the grid!

Recharging your battery will give it a shelf-life. Reconditioning a battery will restore its full power. There are a few approaches to renewing batteries, (read our review of the “EZ Battery Reconditioning Course“) all of which are easy to do, and require minimal effort. These methods are also very affordable, and once you know what you’re doing, you can start helping others for a fee! 

Check out this video series by KmanAuto that illustrates how a lead acid battery is renewed using magnesium sulfate (aka Epsom salt).

Part 1 of 6:

First Test, Initial addition of the chemicals

Dead Simple Trick Brings Any Battery Back To Life (Never Buy Batteries Again)

Part 2 of 6:

Adding Solution to Dead Interstate Megatron battery

Part 3 of 6:

First test after Charging

Part 4 of 6:

After Overnight Full Charge + Demoing Capacitive Desulfating Charger

Part 5 of 6:

Attempting to use custom built Capacitive Chargers to Pulse Desulfate Further.


Part 6:

Interstate Battery after 1 week on Desulfating Charger + Solution

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